There are numerous indicators that suggest you have low testosterone. You should not ignore these signs, even when they seem minimal and subtle. Many of the signs do progress over time and bring on a plethora of symptoms. Luckily, you can visit the testosterone replacement therapy Florida center and get back the testosterone that your body is no longer naturally producing. It is important that you know the signs of low testosterone and when it is time to schedule that appointment. Those signs include:

·    Fatigue/Feeling Tired: Do you feel depleted of energy even when you really haven’t done a lot during the day? It is a sign of low test, but it is also a common complaint of many men as they age. So, make sure that there are other signs in combination with this one to determine if it is time to make that appointment.

·    Low Sex Drive: One of the most difficult signs for men to deal with when they have low testosterone is a low sex drive. This can cause trouble in an otherwise healthy relationship. If you have low sex drive, this may be the culprit and it could be time to call a doctor to discuss testosterone replacement therapy.

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·    Muscle Mass Loss: Loss of muscle mass is another sign of low testosterone. When your testosterone levels begin to drop from the normal range, it definitely affects the muscle tone and your muscle mass. Not only will you find it difficult to build muscle, you’ll also find it harder to maintain it as well.

·    Irritability: If you never seem happy and are irritable more than you are happy, perhaps it is due to low testosterone. This is caused by a sudden drop in testosterone levels and usually is accompanied by other symptoms.