The Better Implant Smile

It is terrible to lose teeth and dentures are not at all comfortable to wear. Some people do alright with partial dentures and bridges, but at some point it is all annoying. What can be done? If you have not heard of dental implants by now, you should get in the know right away. In case you have heard about them and want to learn a bit more, read on.

When you lose a tooth, it is usually due to an extraction. This means that the tooth was deliberately removed by a dentist during dental surgery. The whole root of the tooth is extracted from the jaw bone. This leaves an empty hole that eventually and temporarily becomes filled in by bone.

This bone will begin to diminish over time unless something is done to keep it there. Go to a good clinic for dental implants Chicago dentists can provide for you. Dental experts know exactly how to stimulate bone growth again by using implants.

So when you lose teeth, you also lose bone mass in your jaw. The only way to stop this and get your teeth back too is to get dental implants. Even if you do just fine with dentures, you will find that, over time, they will have to be adjusted often and you will lose a significant amount of bone in the jaw.

This bone loss is exactly what creates the gaunt and drawn facial look that you see on so many elders and it is an appearance you want to avoid. Look for a good clinic offering dental implants and make an appointment to get seen about it.

dental implants Chicago

Find out everything on the first visit including procedure details, costs, down-time, payment plans, and more. The best way to get a brilliant new smile is with brilliant new dental implants.